June 7, 2013

NEW TRACK: The Geeks - "These Days"

For anyone who digs the casual intimacy of lo-fi recordings, The Geeks’ excursion to homemade indie-pop might instantly win you over. Their songs sound like it was recorded straight in the bedroom after a greasy ugly cry, allowing the carefree acoustics to seep in and calm down every few bars-- one bucket of tears after another.

It’s in this aloof kind of charm that makes people like me appreciate The Geeks. On “The View (Stalker Song),” they channel adolescent feelings with words that chug god-awful truthfulness in every heartbeat; its wistful guitars and minimal drums bared in its wimpy California glow. "It hurts that it’s over, you know,” Jam repeats and tosses off his beaten emotions down the drain. His frustrations, hopeless and intense, lingers just as you were about to freeze any attempts to revive old memories. Too bad, it would take time before you pull your ears away from its mopey sentiments.

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