June 11, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Eyedress - "Nature Trips"

Watching all Eyedress’ music videos one at a time can keep your optic nerves crammed up at least for an entire day. For all its neon-acid glow and isolationist beauty, his videos are more than just about “quirky and interesting storylines mainly featuring hot fashionable women who are either slightly deranged or high on drugs,” as recently pointed out by this blog. It has this rare poignant quality to it that makes every details or facial expression an eventful mapping of Eyedress’ scribbled history—his loneliness and inner struggles, his broken heart removed for the public to see.

Count “Nature Trips” as another addition to Eyedress’ long list of low-budge but slick-looking vids. Helmed by Bee Eyes’ Julius Valledor, it features Idris Vicuna’s real life girlfriend, Maya Kibbel as the waifish, big-eyed muse who makes fun of herself at the camera, treasuring every moment like it’s the last. Nothing really special here, but Maya’s gawky charisma and quirks can razzle a sensitive gents’ feelings without even trying. The video looks specifically made for her, about her—an MPDG turned real life sweetheart of your dreams. Watch it below:

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