June 12, 2013

NEW VIDEO: Nouvul Feat. Miki Hahn - "Hopes Up"

How can you not adore a typical romantic video rendered in neon-washed, 8bit goodness?

The official clip for Nouvul’s R&B come-on “Hopes Up,” basks in the retro vibe of ‘90s computer games, indirectly paying tribute to one’s good old childhood. As much as the treatment revolves around Jorge Wieneke seemingly focused on his computer screen, there lies the motive that got him inspired to complete the game: he needs to fight through hell and mud to save his princess, played by the lovely and svelte Miki Hahn, who in return, also sings over the actual track. It all plays out like the antithesis to the radio cult hit “Dota o ako,” minus the legit patok-jeepney mix. Watch it:

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