June 6, 2013


The video for Similar Objects’ IDM stomper “PASTMAYANFUTUREPRINCESS” contains some of the weirdest, most imaginative short filmmaking wonders this side of exotic tropicalia. Its narco-futurist, black-and-white affair blends intricately with the visual themes of the track—the mystical surrealism of natural and cosmic energies, the paranormal incursions to astral prophecies and Mayan occultism, and some images lifted from an '80s sci-fi videogame featuring a modern princess with special powers being chased by a mysterious man wearing the face of a teddy bear.

This complete acid trip is captivating in its quite possibly nonsensical sense. But stripped off its fractal plot, the video offers a beguiling entertainment that sets beauty apart from madness, brewing cinematic magic that’s bound to mystify, exasperate, and leave a bittersweet taste in the end. Watch the video below:

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